“I owe a lot of my success in the past year and a half to Drew Beatty. I’ve had multiple shoulder, elbow, and foot surgeries; and was told that I may never play again. Not only did he get me back to where I was before, but he truly took me to the next level. I went on to finish #1 on my team for the fitness test, started as a freshman, and lead the team in assists. Best decision I ever made was to train under Drew Beatty.”


Western Carolina Soccer Forward

“I started working with Drew in 2017 and I haven’t looked back. Every time I show up to work out it’s always a new day to get better. He pushes you to become better on the field through his workouts. Not only has he helped me become a better athlete on the field, he taught me to be a better person off field. He has also taught me how to become confident in anything I do whether it’s sports or school. He’s helped me in my daily life to breathe confidence and approach everything with my best foot forward and put 110% effort into everything I do. ”


Newsome High School, Baseball Catcher 

"I’ve known Coach Beatty for 8 years. In my college days, he would push us to be comfortable getting uncomfortable. Our goals then were to become the most elite athletes at the highest collegiate level in order to bring home championships. Coach Beatty made sure we trained hard in the weight room but also took care of our bodies before and after. Since becoming a retired athlete, my goals have changed slightly. There are no more games or championships to win, but Coach Beatty really instills that competitiveness within ourselves. He is constantly pushing the group to push harder than the last time and to mentally grind through the hardest days. Coach Beatty’s knowledge and passion for exercise is unmatched."

Camille wozniak

Former Athlete, Virtual Group Fitness

"Drew Beatty is a phenomenal Trainer. I have been training with Drew for years and he is truly a master in sculpting your body as well as building your endurance and stamina . He focuses on your body and knows how to get it where it should be from a healthy perspective as well as where you want it to be to look great! He knows the body and never jeopardizes health. A true master in his field as well as a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and physical anatomy. And last but not lest ! He is just great to look at while you are working out!"


Virtual Group Fitness

"Drew Beatty is an outstanding trainer. He pushes his clients to be better and allows them to become the best version of themselves. Beatty strength training will help you push your own limits to see what you are capable of. I highly recommend training with him because he has made me stronger both physically and mentally."